Amulet, crystal pouch, medicine bag - hand sewn custom
Monsoons and Mangoes

Amulet, crystal pouch, medicine bag - hand sewn custom

Regular price $30.00

Custom listing for your very own piece. Can make to exact dimensions if you have a special talisman you would like to carry inside.  Priced from $30.

These beautiful pouches are completely hand sewn.  They are made from scraps and trims from my clothing line, trying to use even the smallest pieces, so that nothing is discarded.  I use denim scraps for the back, as it is hard wearing.

Every pouch created is one of a kind.

Wear around your neck, hang in your home, or from your rear vision mirror (Note: over time, UV will fade and degrade the fabric).

Store special found objects or crystals inside.  Pouches do not have a closure, but with wear, the fabric will naturally hold onto whatever is inside. 

Swimming or showering isn't recommended, to protect the longevity of the pouch. Can be gently cleaned periodically with a soak in water and apple cider vinegar.

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